New Download Page, new features

  1. 8 months ago


    26 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Hey guys,

    We have moved our Software Download page to , it would be quicker to download your necessary files and allow group downloads :)

    New Features:

    Instant Group Download (as .zip file)

    Easy Share File Link

    Leave us your feedback on how to improve it so we can make your life easier.


  2. Huibo
    There are username and password entry fields on the pages. My Forum login didn't work, but I was able to download some files ok. Does the user get more downloads if they login in? If so, there is no sign up option on the page, how do I get a login?
    Thanks, Nick

  3. huibo

    15 Sep 2016 Administrator

    @Nick Dennis The username and password fields are in testing phase, currently it does not provide any more additional downloads. We will post updates on this feature :) thanks for the curiosity


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