New Download Page, new features

  1. 8 months ago


    26 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Hey guys,

    We have moved our Software Download page to , it would be quicker to download your necessary files and allow group downloads :)

    New Features:

    Instant Group Download (as .zip file)

    Easy Share File Link

    Leave us your feedback on how to improve it so we can make your life easier.


  2. 7 months ago

    There are username and password entry fields on the pages. My Forum login didn't work, but I was able to download some files ok. Does the user get more downloads if they login in? If so, there is no sign up option on the page, how do I get a login?
    Thanks, Nick

  3. huibo

    15 Sep 2016 Administrator

    @Nick Dennis The username and password fields are in testing phase, currently it does not provide any more additional downloads. We will post updates on this feature :) thanks for the curiosity


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