Does AP support a mix of 3 and 4 address encapsulated clients?

  1. 9 months ago

    hardware WPJ344LV/HV-A 6A08
    firmware wpj344a-16M_mimoap-generic_v187_b160128.img
    In some WISP scenarios, a Compex unit as an AP will have a mix of mobile phone and wireless PC clients, and some Compex units configured as clients (customer premise equipments - CPEs), with the ethernet port connected to a switch for non-wireless PCs, etc.
    The mobile phone and wireless PC clients, as leaf nodes, might be using 3-address 80211 encapsulation of the packets they send, but the CPEs should be using 4-address 80211 encapsulation (aka transparent mode, WDS mode).
    Does a CompexWRT AP support auto-detecting 3 or 4 address mode in incoming wireless packets?

  2. 8 months ago


    30 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Dear Nick,

    No, AP-WDS only works with Station-WDS.



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