WPJ344-A Gen3 LAN port speed

  1. 9 months ago
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    Hi there. I'm a newbie in embedded board and i recently purchased and setup a WPJ344-A Gen3 with MimoAP v2.3.3_b160701 along with a WLE900V5-27 module as a home AP. Though i'm really impressed with the module's ac speeds i think the whole system is being bottlenecked by the lan port which seems to work no more than 100mbit. Tested with various cat6 ftp cables connected to a gigabit router (through ubiquiti 24v 1A gigabit POE) file transfers never exceed 12-13mbps. Am i doing sth wrong with the configuration or the poe device? How can i test the true lan speed? Thank you in advance

  2. siewwan

    11 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Hi Soulmf,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This issue you encountered might be due to the throughput performance bug in the current firmware v2.3.3.

    Perhaps you can try another firmware and see if it works as you expected. Here's the link for the firmware.

    We are working on it to improve and fix the issue in newer firmware. It will be released very soon. We will announced it in forum once the newer firmware is ready.

  3. Thank you for your reply siewwan. Gonna try the other firmware to see if it works full speed. Anyway could it be some kind of incompatibility with Ubiquiti's poe, cause i was thinking of buying Compex's one if poe is to blame

  4. siewwan

    15 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Hi Soulmf,

    As long as the PoE used provide standard voltage output as in specification of 3at / 3af, it should have no problem. :)

  5. 3 months ago

    I have been working with wpj344 boards and mostly Compex POEs for a while. I have found that sometimes eth0 connected to a switch or PC has dropped to 100Mbps. But I just have re-plug the ethernet cable, and eth0 comes back to 1000 Mbps. Hope this helps.

  6. 2 months ago


    Feb 23 Moderator

    Hi Nick,

    Could you kindly please let us know the steps you had taken to show this problem?

    What's the firmware version and the board version e.g. 6A08?


  7. Hi Winston,

    I have seen this issue as well. On a POE switch I use, it'll show 100Mbps connection until a reboot where it shows 1G again.

    I was using 2.3.3 and just upgraded to the newest so I'll see if this comes up again.


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