Support for Mesh roaming?

  1. 10 months ago

    hardware WPJ344LV/HV-A 6A08

    In a mesh of a few wpj344s, where the Root AP and most of the nodes are at fixed locations, but some of the mesh nodes are mobile (eg on top of a municipal bus), does CompexWRT support raoming of the mobile nodes between the fixed nodes?

  2. siewwan

    30 Jun 2016 Moderator

    Hi Nick,

    This is an great idea for Mesh utilization.
    Currently mesh networking in CompexWRT is stable for fix mesh-nodes application, eg. office network.

    Actually we are still working on Mesh to improve its stabilization of mobile mesh-nodes in network.

    Anyway, you may go ahead to test it according to your plan.
    We will give you a hand anytime if you have any issue during testing. :)


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