CompexWRT v2.3.2 is released!

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    24 Jun 2016 Moderator
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    CompexWRT v2.3.2 b160621

    Date Released : 21 June 2016


    1. Support more 5/10 MHz channels, tested on certain channels range with WLE200NX, WPJ342, and WPJ531.
    2. Change US U-NII-1 Max TX power from 17dBm to 30dBm.
    3. luci: Add HT40 auto channel to automatically select above or below extension channel.
    4. luci: Fix file upload functions not working properly.
    5. luci: Support ACS background scan, allow wifi to automatically scan after an interval and switch to better channel.
    6. luci: Trigger cpxmeshrecover with wifi changes when mesh is enabled.
    7. luci: Fix switching quarter_half country bugs.
    8. qos-scripts: Enable qos for uplink only.
    9. config: luci: Enable iputils-traceroute6.

    Models Supported:


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