Test reports and documentation

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi Compex,

    We have chosen the WLE600VX module for a new embedded product we are developing due to its Linux driver support and support for industrial range of temperatures.

    We are currently entering the approval phase for launching our product on the European market and in that context we need test reports showing compliance with the European radio directives for the technical construction file and furthermore we need access to testmodes in the module enabling us to set it in RX, TX or IDLE modes during emission and immunity tests.

    I have tried contacting you on the contact page and through a European distributor but with no success. Can you supply us with the necessary information?

    Best regards
    Martin Bang Andersen

  2. 10 months ago


    1 Jul 2016 Moderator

    Hi Martin,

    Sincere sorry for the late response.
    Kindly please approach to our sales team for the test reports information.
    Here's the email sales@compex.com.sg


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