Problem with WPQ864 and WLE1216V5

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    Hello. I was undertaking some point-to-point throughput tests with two WPQ864s and WLE1216s, and found something weird.
    The shop page for WLE1216 says that the module should be able to support bandwidth of 160MHz. However, as seen on the web LuCI interface, the HT bandwidth options for the aforementioned WiFi module only shows up to 80MHz.
    I have updated the WPQ864's firmware to the latest QSDK as given on the compex download page, but still see same results.
    Would I need to install ath10k drivers on opkg? Or is this the intended mode of operation? I do see that the max throughput as advertised on the shop page is 1.73Gbps, achievable with 4*4 80MHz streams. Would it be just a simple error?

    Thank you for any advice in advance.

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    Hi Djji,

    Kindly please let us know you refer to WLE1216V5-20 or WLE1216V5-23?

    What's the firmware version you are using on WPQ864?

    How did you connect the Mini PCIe radio cards on the WPQ864 board?



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