wpj344 wireless adhoc power !

  1. 3 months ago

    HI all !
    i build openwrt 15.05.1 with mesh system (batman + adhoc) the problem we have is that we must invert 5ghz antenna pigtails to have good wireless streng.
    we think it's 1t1r instead of 2t2r and polarity is not good in ath10k drivers.
    is there a way to have CompexSDK to build our 100% functionnal system ?
    we already have 50 units of wpj344hv and we want to work with in the future but we need good drivers...
    happy new year from france ;-)

  2. damn, no better signal wen we invert pigtails....
    antenna diversity is off
    iw wlan0 info send us good informations
    but when aps are around 100m we loose connection, with compexwrt we could good around 500m !

  3. Winston

    Feb 2 Moderator

    Hi Webidy !

    happy to hear that you have good performance with Compex APs !

    Could you explain what you mean by invert antenna pigtails?

    You may like to send a request to Sales regarding the CompexWRT SDK:

    It has the Qualcomm Atheros wireless drivers which are expected to be better than the ath10k wireless drivers.

    happy new year ;-)


  4. Edited 3 months ago by webidy

    no good performances sorry winston, in adhoc mode the compex 17 dbi 5ghz panel is not good, ath10k drivers have problems.
    we ask for compexwrt SDK but 2000$ to have it ....
    we buy 50 mmj344hv and we are in a bad situation with those cpe, they are not really 100% openwrt compatible, i ask for old openwrt compex sdk to see but if they ask us for money to have it, we are going to become crazy !
    damn ....
    why do you write on description that they are fully working with openwrt ? we have our own openwrt modded system and just need good platforms to make our job and compile it, now our technicians are crazy with compex hardware.

    thanks for the happy new year, but it start badly with this story

  5. Hi Webidy,

    It seems that you are having issue with throughput for adhoc mode in ath10k. A solution being compatible in OpenWRT means that most of the OpenWRT features can run smoothly in it. However, a bug existed in 3rd party open source driver should be resolved by a developer. The description is to highlight that WPJ344 is working with OpenWRT, simply because Qualcomm Atheros SDK is based on OpenWRT as well, with the addition of their proprietary driver, which cannot be distributed freely (Just like how Android Wear is now known to work with iOS devices but there are lots of features which are buggy and not working). Adhoc mode works perfectly fine on ath9k on the other hand.

    With other AR9344 based hardware, you will face the same issue with ath10k on adhoc mode. CompexWRT does not support adhoc mode as well. Thanks.

  6. ok so we need your openwrt sdk with compex patches and ath9k as described in all off your wiki and manual.


    where could we find those files please ?

  7. Winston

    Feb 17 Moderator

    Hi Nicolas,



    Kind regards,

  8. Winston

    Feb 17 Moderator

    Thanks, Geekyboy :-)

  9. Edited 3 months ago by webidy

    hi !
    i do some tests and in fact i go for rooting board to see more internal informations ....

    We have Gen 2 boards it's normal ? compexwrt don't support mesh on our versions . it's normal ?

    i go in the driver configuration files and try some adhoc or mesh configuration and your proprietary driver don't support it it's normal ?

    Seller don't tell us anything about that and now we have a big problem because in fact your boards can't work in our system architecture......

    And you purpose us your compexwrt SDK for 2000$ to implement meshing but our boards can't do it it's normal ?

    I also test all your files and nothing work of course .....


  10. 2 months ago


    Feb 23 Moderator
    Edited 2 months ago by Winston

    Hi Webidy,

    Mesh feature only works on Gen3 boards:



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