QSDK - do I need NDA to get QCA propietory drivers?

  1. 3 months ago

    Board WPJ344LV/HV-A 6A08
    radio card WLE600VX 11ac
    firmware QSDK manifest caf_AU_LINUX_QSDK_RELEASE_DANDELION_ES_TARGET_ALL.3.0.308.01.018.xml
    I've ben working with the LEDE for a while, but it puts the CPU usage up over 80% when sustaining iperf3 TCP traffic at 200 Mbps over a link between radios. The QSDK documentation seems to indicate it has the QCA wireless drivers, so I built the QSDK for wpj344 (and db-120 reference design), hoping I could get the same throughput as the Compex firmware does. But, in make menuconfig the "QCA propietary software" menu item goes to a blank screen. Also the build_dir/target.../root-ar71xx/lib/modules/4.4.32/ wireless modules set looks a lot like the kernel module set. Do I need to sign an NDA or join a program to get the propietary drivers?

  2. Winston

    Feb 2 Moderator

    Dear Nick,

    You may like to contact Sales regarding our programs:

    Compex is the Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) Authorized Design Centre (ADC). We would be able to help your request.



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