CompexWRT v2.4.12 [Current] is released!

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    CompexWRT v2.4.12 b170106

    Date Released: 6 January 2017


    1. Fixed: VLAN priority and web access bugs

    Models Supported:



    CompexWRT v2.4.12 b170119

    First firmware for WPJ563-A. This firmware has the same features set as current WPJ558-A or WPJ344-A.


    CompexWRT v2.4.12 b170208

    Fixed: Firmware for WPJ344-A
    USB VCC default is set to 5V by setting GPIO13 as output value 1.

    If 802.11ac wireless card is used, the temperature switch feature may set the output back to 3.3V if the card is very hot. To disable the temp switch feature, run:

    uci set wireless.wifi1.tempswitch=0
    uci commit wireless

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