Custom OpenWRT 12.09

  1. 5 months ago

    I want to make some changes to the kernel by adding some modules (ebtables,...) .
    Currently i work with the attitude adjustment release (3.3.8) and I have several questions :

    1. Can I compile that release for the WPJ342LV & the WP543AHV ?
    2. Can I add kmod-ebtables in a compiled firmware ?
    3. What is the difference between the ath9/10 driver and the one used in CompexWRT ?
    4. How to access to the private ioctl of the wifi module in OpenWRT ?

    Any tutorials to recommend, because i was unable to find more than a few articles or blog posts
    Thank you

  2. Winston

    Dec 16 Moderator

    Hi Ayarialadin,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    1. I would suggest WPJ342 as WP543 may not be supported.
    2. ath9k is open source wireless drivers for 11n radios, ath10k is open source wireless drivers for 11ac radios. The board itself uses 11n radio. An 11ac card is for example WLE600VX or WLE900VX. In CompexWRT/QSDK, it uses the Atheros wireless drivers, which is expected to have better performance.
    3. and 4. Sorry I don't have this info. Could you kindly check with OpenWRT website please?

    You may like to read "OpenWRT Compile Instructions" here:


  3. Hello, Winston
    I need to make a firmware based on the attitude adjustment release for the WPJ342LV and WPJ344.
    These boards are not supported in that release.
    Where can I find the Compex SDK for that release ?


  4. Winston

    Dec 22 Moderator

    Hi Ayarialadin,

    CompexWRT SDK can be requested from Sales.



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