configuring compex 900 to work with 2 antennas only

  1. 5 months ago


    i have a compex 900 with 3*3 mimo.
    But the system where I am plugging it in has only has 2 antenna support.
    Is it possible to configure the 3rd antenna to off - so that no noise or signal is received or transmitted over it.


  2. Winston

    Dec 14 Moderator

    Hi Vijaya,

    Thanks for reaching out. Certainly, it is possible to configure the 3rd antenna to off.

    On the Compex AP configuration webpage, please navigate to:

    Network --> Wifi --> Device Configuration --> Advanced Settings:

    Chainmask Selection: Sets the antenna port selection on the radio. For example, 2x2 means that 2 antennas are being used.


  3. thanks winston. i will try setting the chainselection to 2x2 and check it out.


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