CompexWRT v2.4.10 is released!

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  2. Winston

    11 Oct 2016 Moderator

    CompexWRT v2.4.10 b160928

    Date Released: 28 September 2016


    1. config: enable json-rpc2 by default (for APc2)
    2. luci: cpxoeminfo: encrypt cpxoeminfo key
    3. luci: mesh: fix Mesh Wireless Gateway isn't up
    4. luci: fix rssi status always show 50%
    5. luci: apc2: allow upload/flash firmware
    6. luci: apc: fix toggle wifi issue
    7. fix macfiltering issue
    8. qsdk: vlan: fix network_fixup conflict vlan
    9. fix tempswitch missing threshold issue
    10. set tx stats enable by default
    11. fix macfiltering can't use remove button to remove mac
    12. remember maclist if macfiltering is disabled

    Models Supported:


    ('< ('< ('<


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