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  1. 5 months ago

    We have purchased a bunch of compex boards including several WPJ558s. Does anyone know where to get the source for uboot? uboot's latest standard source does not seem to support this platform. The uboot included with the WPJ558 is missing several important features like saving the environment and ubifs support. I believe that uboot is GPL so the source should be provided to anyone that has purchased a product with it on there.

  2. Winston

    Sep 13 Moderator

    Dear David,

    Kindly contact our Sales and we would be happy to assist you with your request.

    Even though GPL is free software, it's not free in the sense of the price.

    For Compex Systems modified Uboot source code, an approval will be needed that comes together with TLA agreement of ours. This can be done through our sales department =D


  3. Winston

    Sep 14 Moderator

    Dear David,

    The source code is hosted here


    If repo is used, the u-boot source is in:

    The package Makefile is in:

    Cheers (o^_^o)



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